WFH Security Advisory

Cats on Keyboards – 221B-01

Unit 221B is a remote business, and working from home is commonplace. Of course, a WFH environment changes the security paradigm, and one has to be vigilant against cats walking all over the keyboard while at work. The following are common use cases where this security advisory would apply:

  1. user is logged into production data centers
  2. writing software
  3. performing backup jobs that get cancelled because the cat’s footprints literally caused an error.
  4. Document writing

Risk Rating: High

Given the quarantine circumstances, we find this risk rating to be considered high when cats are present and the impact is also high as it can agitate quarantined personnel.

Patch Released

Unit 221B has released a patch with a Proof-of-Concept that will work on OSX, a common computer system for today’s work. This patch will lock the computer when a threat occurs.

We’ve released source code on Github of our OSX patch, and with some slight modifications, Windows and Linux are easily available.

GitHub Project Found Here


It is imperative that a patch is deployed where cats are living in homes during the quarantine periods of COVID-19.

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